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The prototype two-seater Lilium Jet, a compact and lightweight electric plane capable of vertical take off and landing, completed an unmanned test earlier this month.双坐Lilium Jet的原形是一架灵便又轻便的、必须横向民航机的电动式飞机,它于本月月初顺利完成了自动驾驶检测。Seeing the Lilium Jet take to the sky and performing sophisticated maneuvers with apparent ease is testament to the skill and perseverance of our amazing team, co-founder and chief exec Daniel Wiegand says in a release.带头创办人担任CEO丹尼尔·韦根在一份申明中回应:“看到Lilium Jet飞机必须精彩纷呈的掠过高处并进行简易的飞行中,证实了大家这一优秀的精英团队的技术性和毅力。


”We have solved some of the toughest engineering challenges in aviation to get to this point.“大家早就解决困难了航空公司中一些最繁杂的工程项目挑戰。”The egg-shaped aircraft, which can be powered from a wall socket and could even take off from the garden, can ascend and descend vertically, like a helicopter.这架蛋型飞机能够根据壁挂式电源插座充电电池,乃至也可以从公园里着陆,它能够像直升飞机那般横向承载。Its 36 jet engines then tilt on moveable flaps from vertical to horizontal to provide forward thrust, with wings providing lift as in a normal airplane.着陆后,它的36架喷气式飞机模块不容易将其门铰链翼片从横向方位弯折到水准方向,以获得往前的发动机,在其中飞机翼与长期飞机的完全一致。The Lilium Jet, which creates no harmful emissions and is quieter than conventional aircraft, is estimated to have a range of about 300 kilometers and a maximum cruising speed of 300 kilometers per hour.这类Lilium Jet会造成伤害废气排放,比传统式飞机更清静,飞行中长距离大概大概为300千米,仅次飞行速度为300千米/钟头。

For maximum safety, each of the engines is individually shielded, so failure in one cant affect the others.为了更好地仅次水平的安全系数考虑,每台发动机全是分离防潮的,因此 一台发动机的常见故障会危害到别的发动机。Sophisticated sensors prevent the pilot from performing maneuvers beyond the jets predetermined safe flight parameters.技术设备的感应器还能够防止飞行员执行远远超过飞机预估安全系数飞行中主要参数的作业者。The company, which was started by four Munich university graduates in 2015, says the aircraft is designed to be flown in good weather conditions in uncongested airspace in the daylight.二零一五年,四名慕尼黑大学的大学毕业生创立了此企业。


她们回应,该飞机的设计方案是在转晴的气温标准下,于大白天不在挤迫的航线内飞行中。In the longer term, our target is to build an aircraft that not only the super-rich can afford, and that can make private air transportation possible for a much wider number of people, says Weigand.韦根回应:“从未来看来,大家的总体目标是打造一架不只是亿万富豪才可以承受的了的飞机,并能够让更为多的人进行个人飞行中沦落有可能。